Porsche Next EV SUV To Get Four-Motor Powertrain

Porsche got their first go at an electric car and the Porche Taycan seems to be starting off great. With that out, the automaker is now looking for the next EV SUV to work on and according to Porsche, it will come with a four-motor electric powertrain, two more than the Taycan has to offer right now.

According to Porsche, having two more motors does not really mean that it will be getting two times more power but it will allow the EV to have more control as each motor can be controlled individually and immediately instead of using differentials and braking systems.

Of course, although they are working on one, we still do not know when Porsche will start offering it. Some people think that it could be the all-electric Macan that is coming in 2021 while others think that it might be another variant of the Porsche Taycan but we can only wait and see.