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Windows vs Mac: Reasons Why You Should Switch To Apple

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There are many reasons why those using a Windows PC may wish to switch over to Mac OS X. However if you are a Microsoft user from the start, it may be difficult to see why given that OS X is very different and can be sometime difficult to understand.

So if you’re contemplating taking the leap from Windows to Mac, then here are 10 reasons that may give you the confidence to do so.

Windows vs Mac: why switch to Apple?

The threat of viruses, malware and spyware is reduced with Mac OS which means that using Apple is safer than using Microsoft Windows with added software

Microsoft abandoned power users, which left people asking what happened to Power Toys and why is there no support for podcast in Windows Media Player

The hard drive in a Mac computer never has to be defragged

Joining a wireless network is much easier in Mac OS X than it is in Windows and networking tools are not complex.

Mac OS has a trash bin that can securely erase files that are deleted without the need for any third party software

Resell on Mac PCs are typically higher than they are with Windows

The help experience on the Mac actually does help users, unlike the one in Windows

Mac has spring loaded folders which Windows does not.

Finally your email comes with detectors which will highlight addresses and phone numbers and you can then choose how to use this information.

Convinced to switch from Windows to Mac yet?

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