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Safest Cars Of 2012

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When it comes to older model cars, you need to look at past statistics (see further below), however for new vehicles it is much more simpler. This can be identified from two authenticate results. Check the vehicles crash test results and study its accident statistics.

How are the crash test conducted? Who conducts them?

Crash tests give safety ratings to individual cars by using scientific methods. These tests are conducted by the Australian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP). They perform three types of tests. The most important of these tests is the offset test. This determines how safe the passenger is when the car crashes at an angle into a hard object at a speed of 64km/h.

How are the ratings obtained from the crash test results?

According to ANCAP an occupant should survive if a safe car collides at 64km/h. the ratings are given in stars corresponding to the possibility of an injury. The minimum one star is pass but there are chances that the occupant will get injured. The car with a five star rating is considered to be the safest car with least possible chances of injury.

What is car accident statistics?

This is another way to rate car safety by analyzing the real world accident data available for the particular car. the information is gathered by the Road Safety authority in Australia.

Researches have carried out on two-vehicle crashes in Australia. Based on these statistics researchers have determined the possibilities of injuries or deaths for different cars and have rated them for safety accordingly.

What can we understand from both these studies

Both the methods differ in safety rating for different car models. However the general observations are

  • Most of the cars that date back to late eighties are unsafe by the present safety norms They lack important safety features like airbags, ABS braking and self-tightening seat bets.
  • The vehicles before 2000 also fail to get good safety ratings.
  • Old mid-size Japanese models are unsafe too.
  • The old people-movers that are prior to 1990 are also unsafe.
  • European cars are much safer than the similar aged Japanese ones in the small sized segment.
  • In SUVs, big Australian, Japanese and European cars rate well in terms of passenger safety.

Are SUVs and 4WDs safe?

SUVs or 4WDs appear safe. Some are amongst the safest cars in two-vehicle collisions. The problem is their high-riding nature and tank-like construction. You’re actually driving a light truck. If you lose control in the wet, you’re less likely to regain it.

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