PUBG PS4 & Xbox One To Get Bots

PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds have been around for so long that some new players might feel intimidated if they were asked to join in the game now. To encourage new players to... Read more »

My Friend Pedro PS4 Release Date Announced

PlayStation 4 players should be happy to learn that the game My Friend Pedro will finally be released on the 2nd of April. When the game was released last year but only... Read more »

Disaster Report 4 Demo Ready To Be Tested

Those that have been waiting for Disaster Report 4 to be released will be happy to learn that the demo for the game is out now in English. The game was originally... Read more »

Mario Creation Not In PS4 Game Dreams Anymore

Dreams have been getting a lot of attention as people have managed to create some pretty interesting games and levels in Dreamverse but there are also a lot of characters and IPs... Read more »

Dead Or Alive: Hair Color Preference Will Cost You

Dead or Alive 6 will come with a new update that will allow players to change the hair color of the characters but it won’t be for free. To change the hair... Read more »

Red Dead Redemption 2 For Console Finally Catching Up To PC

The PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2 was offered with a few additional contents that the console version did not have like the Photo Mode and some exclusive story missions but... Read more »

Ubisoft Fully Committed To Cross-Play As They Make Major Announcement

Cross-platform has been a topic that developers and gaming companies have been talking about for some time now and while we already have a few games that support cross-play, it feels like... Read more »

Return Of The Obra Dinn Won’t Be PC Exclusive For Long

When the Return Of The Obra Dinn was released, it was released as a PC game only but the developers are looking to release the game on other platforms soon as they... Read more »

The Outer Worlds PC Version Gets Discounted

We are only a month or so away from the release of The Outer Worlds but if you are looking to play it on PC and have not pre-ordered it, there might... Read more »

PS3’s Ni No Kuni Gets Remastered

The PlayStation 3 game Ni No Kuni was pretty well received when it was released years ago and the developer is hoping that it would be a good time to introduce the... Read more »