Nintendo Switch System Update Online But…

There is a new update for Nintendo Switch. The new System Update 10.1.0 will be coming with some changes for the console but do not expect to see any major upgrades or... Read more »

Pokemon Cafe Mix Puzzle Game Arrives On Switch & Mobile

The new Pokemon Cafe Mix was announced last week and now it is out on Nintendo Switch and mobile. The game is free to play so you can jump right in. The... Read more »

Nintendo Switch: Shortage Days Almost Over

Those looking to get hold of the Nintendo Switch might not have to wait long before stores start restocking them soon. With the world now trying to cope with the pandemic, the... Read more »

Nintendo Switch: New System Update Nothing To Get Excited Over

The Nintendo Switch console will be getting another update this week but there is nothing much that you should get too excited about. The 10.0.1 update will be minor so most people... Read more »

Cuphead Offers Amazing Sale To Celebrate Birthday

It might not feel like it but Cuphead has already been around for a few now on the Nintendo Switch and to celebrate that, the developer is offering a huge sale for... Read more »

The Outer Worlds Almost Ready For Switch

Nintendo Switch players will now have a date to look forward to as Obsidian, the developer behind the popular RPG space exploration indie game The Outer Worlds has revealed the release date... Read more »

Nintendo Switch To Get Stories Untold Sooner Than We Think

Stories Untold will be heading to the Nintendo Switch console sooner than we think as the developer announced that the Switch version will be released next week. The game will come with... Read more »

The Elder Scrolls: Blades For Switch Pushed Back!

Nintendo Switch players are still waiting for The Elder Scrolls: Blades to be released on the console. Announced at E3 this year, it was stated that the game will be released this... Read more »

Nintendo Switch To Get More 3DS Franchises Soon

Nintendo has hinted that we will be seeing more 3DS franchise make their way to the new Nintendo Switch console in the near future. Although no game was announced, they did say... Read more »

Overwatch Cross-Play Not As Easy As We Think

Some of the top games already have cross-play support now so it made sense that fans of other games would want to see it happen to their favorite games as well. Overwatch... Read more »

Return Of The Obra Dinn Won’t Be PC Exclusive For Long

When the Return Of The Obra Dinn was released, it was released as a PC game only but the developers are looking to release the game on other platforms soon as they... Read more »

The Outer Worlds PC Version Gets Discounted

We are only a month or so away from the release of The Outer Worlds but if you are looking to play it on PC and have not pre-ordered it, there might... Read more »

Nintendo Switch SNES Controller Now Out!

A few weeks ago, Nintendo announce that they will be adding a few SNES games to their Nintendo Switch online subscription service and bring players back to the time, they also announced... Read more »

Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure In The New Way To Get In Shape

When Nintendo started teasing us about a new experience for the Switch, fans had a lot of theory of what it will be but we don’t think the fans would have guessed... Read more »