Halo 3 Showcased During Halo Livestream Event

There will be a new Halo livestream happening this week and the developer promised that we will be seeing more Halo 3 during the livestream. During the live stream, we will get... Read more »

Halo: MCC Gets New Patch

All eyes might be on the Halo Infinite game right now with the developer releasing the new teaser this week, but there is still something for the Halo: The Master Chief Collection... Read more »

Halo: MCC Microsoft Already Have Fix Ready For Many Issues

A hotfix for Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be ready soon as the developer 343 Industries reported that most of the major issues have been fixed and that it would not... Read more »

Halo Infinite: Toy Announcement Came Before Game!

The new Halo Infinite game will be released on the Xbox Series X console when it arrives and while we have not seen gameplay footage yet, it looks like the toys are... Read more »

Counter-Strike: GO Halo Crossover Announced!

After the long wait, we are finally getting the Halo series on Steam and to celebrate this, Counter-Strike: GO will be getting some special Halo update now. It was announced that the... Read more »