Apex Legends Season 5 Will Do Away With Weekly Challenges

When Season 5 arrives, Weekly Challenges will no longer be a thing in Apex Legends much to the relief of the fans as they have been expressing how annoying and difficult the... Read more »

Apex Legends New Character To Arrive In Season 5?

In Season 4 of Apex Legends, we were shown a young girl that he Revenant orphaned named Loba Andrade and it looks like the girl will be added as a new character... Read more »

Apex Legends New Evo Shield Welcome By Fans

Respawn added the new Evo Shield to their popular Apex Legends game not too long ago and it looks like fans are pretty happy with how the new Evo Shield changes the... Read more »

Apex Legends New Mode Arriving Soon!

The new update will be arriving for Apex Legends that will bring in a new model. Starting from the 3rd of March and two weeks after that, the developer will be added... Read more »

Apex Legends Popular Map Comes Back For A Limited Time

Apex Legends fans will be happy to know that the game will be getting its popular Kings Canyon map back for a limited time. It was announced that the map will be... Read more »

Apex Legends Season 4 Celebrates Valentine’s Day With Duos

Respawn Entertainment will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with their fans by bringing back Duos mode as a limited-time event called Valentine’s Day Rendezvous. The last time this mode was in the game... Read more »

Apex Legends Season 4 New Character Revenant Not Given A Chance

Apex Legends Season 4 has started and one of the updates that the new season will bring to the game is the addition of a new character, Revenant. The new character was... Read more »

Apex Legends Celebrating The Holo-Day With A New Event

While Respawn did not have a new game to announce at The Game Awards this year, they did announce the new holiday event for Apex Legends. Here is what we know now.... Read more »

Apex Legends: Start Level Up Again

Some players have already level up to the point where they can’t level up anymore but there can now continue grinding once more as Respawn announce that the next update for the... Read more »

Apex Legends Halloween Event Now Live!

Apex Legends’ Halloween-themed event is now live and ready to play. Called Fight or Fright, the event will bring the spooks to the battle royale game giving players a chance to collect... Read more »

Apex Legends Charge Rifle Won’t Be That Frustrating To Go Against Soon

Apex Legends Season 3 will come with a long list of changes. Players can not only expect to see the new map for the game but also get a chance to play... Read more »

Apex Legends Gets Crypto But You Can’t Play Him Yet

There were already reports about the eleventh playable character for Apex Legends being Crypto. Although the developer did not confirm it, some data miners did manage to find it in the files.... Read more »