2012 BMW M5 Review

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BMW M5, a much enhanced version of the 5-Series, is a superb sedan. Its lethal combination of muscular V10 with remarkable chassis enables it to challenge many sports cars in performance. It surely is fun to drive and hard to resist.

2012 BMW M5 review


Even after quite a long time since 5-series first hit the market, its styling has been a part of the controversy associated with some of the BMW’s models. There are many good and bad opinions about its styling, yet all are agreed to its outstanding road presence. M5 has even harder looks as it has an arched bonnet in front and large air vents which look prominent. At the back there are two pairs of chrome-plated exhaust pipes while the width of the rear track has also been increased. These changes in fact, have given the M5 more combative and a super-sedan like look.

2012 BMW M5

2012 BMW M5


M5 has a smooth and comfortable ride on highways but on uneven and bumpy roads it does get a bit jerky.  This happens mainly due to its large 19-inch wheels and a bit rigid M sports suspension. These large tyres are also cause of an obvious noise on road specifically at speeds. Same is the case with the engine which keep playing its soundtrack throughout the journey but that is rather pleasant. The wind noise is kept to its minimum level though. There are number of steering and wheeling adjustments available to help drivers attain the best possible driving positions. What lacks is the user-friendliness of some of the controls.

Quality + Reliability

As expected from all BMW models to have stunning cabins, M5’s cabin is also class-leading. Its dashboard layout, utilizing rotary dials and iDrive controller, has taken clues from 5-Series having a striking trim. With good ergonomics everything, made of supreme quality, is positioned with perfect fit-and-finish. Yet we still feel the iDrive needs to be easier to operate. BMW models have always been appreciated for their quality and reliability, and M5 seems to carry on this image well.


If you are pleased with the handling of 5-Seriess then adding to your delight is this much enhanced version in the form of BMW M5. It not only has the remarkable chassis of the 5-Series, but is also well versed with amazing grip levels. Not only this BMW M5 is not short of anything be it steering feedback, body control and brakes it has all of them to their highest level of perfection making itself a sheer pleasure to drive. Use of latest technologies including M Dynamic mode and variable M differential lock as a great contribution in handling optimization and maintaining the composure while on turning.


M5 is powered by the key engine of BMW, the 5.0-litre V10 which produces 507bhp and 520 Nm. It is mated with the seven-speed SMG with close ratios. Yet, this SMG gearbox gets a bit jerky in different modes and should be worked upon for even better performance. Nevertheless, it enables M5 from standstill to 8250 rpm, swiftly reaching 100 km/h in just 4.7 seconds. Though the engine is free from rev, yet a hard mid-range punch wipes out any chance to reach close to the rev-limit.


There is no doubt that the equipments offers are not only sufficient but excellent as well. Including 19-inch M alloy wheels, head-up display, cruise control, high-beam assist, xenon headlights, adaptive headlights, Park Distance Control (PDC), automatic climate control, M leather steering wheel with SMG paddles, M seats, glass roof, BMW navigation system with color monitor and iDrive controller, and of course Hi-Fi system. While to ensure passengers safety front, side and head airbags and Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), along with anti-lock braking system and traction control are present in the system.

Running Costs

Fuel consumption is quite high as expected from a V10 which is at 6.8 km/litre. Considering the fact that with its high reliability BMW has long service intervals and requires less maintenance, the high costs associated with these services become a bit acceptable. Insurance for luxury and sports car are always high and so it will be for M5. The depreciation is going to be low for M5 due to its popularity and good reputation of reliability.

Value For Money

Comparing the high price tag of M5 with its core contender Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG we expect the later to cost more. Not to mention that both are going to be expensive yet, M5 supersedes its rivals due to its breathtakingly remarkable handling, not only this it’s muscular 5.0-litre V10 has no reason to shy from Mercedes’s magnificent 6.2-litre engine. So for us M5 offers competitive value for money.


M5 is equally spacious for the front as well as the rear passengers, providing plenty of head-and-leg room following the tradition of 5-Series. The only problem any one can face will be the fifth passenger, not in the case if that is a child, who will have limited legroom due to the transmission tunnel. The boot of the car is also sufficiently spacious with storage capacity of 520 litres.

With the CO2 emissions of 344 g/km M5 seems least concerned about the environment. Not only this, it is thirsty enough to drink 1.48 litres of petrol per 10 km. All of these for a car with high desirability and drivability are not good signs at all, what do you think?

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