ZTE Quartz Smartwatch Making Its Way To MWC 2017

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ZTE is busy at work on a brand new Android Wear smartwatch and it has the name of the ZTE Quartz.

There isn’t much to make the ZTE Quartz smartwatch stand out among others on the market, the watch is going to offer up a round display and this will make it look just like any other typical watch on the market.

At the moment we don’t have much by way of details about the ZTE Quartz smartwatch but one thing that we do know is that it will offer support for 3G and LTE. So you don’t have to own a smartphone to make or receive calls as you can do it with the watch.

The ZTE Quartz smartwatch is going to have Android Wear 2.0 installed along with a new Google OS, which is going to be announced officially later this week. ZTE did say that the smartwatch would offer up battery life that is superb and it is going to be available on one of the big carriers in the US.

It is thought that the ZTE Quartz smartwatch is going to be coming our way later on this month at the MWC 2017.