ZTE Could Be The Answer For Nexus 5 Users

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Nexus 5 owners have been disappointed that Nexus handsets are going to be no more. However the ZTE could make up for the lack of the Nexus handsets.

The Nexus 5 was said to be the last of the great affordable Nexus devices, of course the Nexus 5X did arrive after it. With the arrival of the Google Pixel handsets stock Android that is affordable just isn’t available any longer. However, ZTE may come out with a device that is stock Android and cheap and those who used to buy Nexus handsets might want to consider it.

Google have made a move away from affordable to hardware business and concentrated on design, software and hardware to offer up the Google Pixel handsets. While they may be great devices, they are not as affordable as the Nexus range. There is some good news though and this comes in the form of ZTE handsets, along with other phone makers who may offer close to stock Android.

ZTE went to crowdsourcing in August and they asked users to submit ideas for what they wanted upcoming devices to offer. They have now opened a poll on the website to ask why stock Android is preferred.

ZTE aren’t known for offering updates that are regular but they started to change this with the Axon 7. The handset started to get monthly security patch updates and it is going to be getting Nougat in January of 2017. This means that the company must be listening to what consumers want.

The top three things that people wanted from ZTE were a cleaner user interface along with skin, faster updates and better support for custom ROMs from developers. Do you agree?

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