Zelda Wii U Release Date Tipped For Mid-2015, Epic Proportions Hoped For

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One of the many highlights of the E3 and Nintendo Direct event is for those who own the Wii U. They have been waiting to see updates about the Wii U Zelda game. The tech demo came out some years ago and it was superb, but since this time we have not heard anything else about it. Now rumours are going around with news but they are not what most fans want to hear.

It is said that the original Zelda title being considered by Nintendo is to be built from the ground up; it will not have links to any of the other games in the series, for instance A Link to the Past, which was for the 3DS and based on the classic on SNES.

Nintendo will therefore take their time with the game and at the moment they have not said anything about a title for it or said anything about game-play. One of the reasons is the Nintendo cannot be ready to show anything off and the game is possibly nowhere close to completion.

So if the game is not released until 2015 what kind of reaction would it get? Some insider info has been seen and this tells us the Zelda for the Wii U could be arriving no sooner than 2015. The source says that this could be around November of 2015.

This may be a lot longer than anyone thought they would have to wait before being able to play the game. If of course the rumours prove to be true. Fans of the game could have to wait for two years, but would they be willing to wait for that long? One of the biggest selling games on the Wii U could be Super Smash Brothers and Zelda would then follow it the year after.

There is also a rumour going around that Zelda on the Wii U might be one of the longest that we have seen in the entire Zelda series. So what do you think about a release date of 2015 for the game? We haven’t seen anything mentioned about the game and you also have to consider just how long it took before Final Fantasy Versus XIII was revealed.

So as we wait for information about Zelda for the Wii U, tell us how you feel about the chance that you might have to wait until 2015 for the game.

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