YouTube Releases Capture App For iPhone

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The plans of Apple to limit Google on their devices have taken a major hit when over 10 million consumers chose to download Google Maps for iOS, within just two days of its release.

YouTube Capture app joins Google Maps for iPhone in App Store

On Monday Google continued pushing apps to iOS when they launched a YouTube Capture app for iOS 6. The new app provides users with the chance to record and share videos that they have filmed on their iPhone, fast.

Google said that YouTube Capture can be used to record from the minute it is opened. It will even keep uploading video to YouTube if the user minimises the app. Following completion of the upload, users are then able to share the videos on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Both Google Maps and YouTube Capture are now available on the Apple App Store for free. On a side note, the Gmail app recently received an update as well making it a lot more versatile and feature-rich.

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