You Could Get An Audi A3 Sportback For Only £200 A Month

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You’ve got your eyes set on that sexy-looking Audi A3 Sportback, but your bank account wouldn’t allow you to court her. It’s not an embarrassing thing though; in fact, many have gone through the feeling of never having enough to own something they truly desire. Well, you don’t have to be feeling that way again.

What if we told you that you can buy that Audi with a maximum £5,000 deposit and a £200 per month spending limit on finance? Yep, you read that right y’all. That’s about $290 after conversion; quite a deal, huh? But bear in mind that you should be looking at PCP (personal contract purchase) instead of Hire Purchase (HP) if you want a reasonably-sized car from a luxury brand.

And the best thing here is, you don’t have to settle for base trim either, because you could select a five grand deposit and a four-year plan and you’re off to getting yourself an upgrade from SE to Sport or your engine from the 1.2 TFSI petrol to the 1.4 version of it. Also, all that still under the £200 per month limit.

If you’re attempting to drool already after reading this post, save those with your bucket and hover over to this link here to get more details on how to get your dream car – the reasonable way.

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