Yooka-Laylee No Longer Deserve Its Review Scores

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Despite all the excitement about the game, some reviewer were not impressed with Yooka-Laylee when they got their hands on the game and the game ended up getting some pretty bad review. However, now that the developers have patched up the game, do you think it deserves a better score?

Most of the reviewers that gave Yooka-Laylee bad score di that because the game obviously has some major flaws. There were some odd camera and performance issues and greatly affected the gaming experience of the game but most of the issues have been fixed now.

Playtonic Games has now released a new patch for the game to fix some of the issues that the game have been having, like the problem where the camera will get locked in place after the Gravity Room challenge. They also fixed the issue where there will be a softlock on the Hub C slide when the player faints when the timer reaches zero. this is just some of the many fixes they made.

They also reported that they also made some changes to improve the performance of the game including the cutscenes, camera movement, and more. You can read about all the fixes and upgrades here.

Now that the developers have made so many new changes to the game, do you think it deserves a better rating?

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