Yaga Gets New Update Called Bad Faith

Fans have been airing their frustration with the game reporting some frustrating issue and the developer have been listening as Breadcrumbs Interactive has now announce the new Bad Faith patch coming to PS4.

This will be the biggest update that the game will have since it’s release last year. According to the statement released by the team, the new update will make some changes to the core gameplay system in Yaga inciting the Bad Luck System. After the update, Bad Luck will now be a status that can be cleared by NPC, and using it to its full potential will get them Good Luck and bonuses.

The update will also allow players to repair their weapons now so players don’t have to lose weapons that they work so hard to craft. The minimap size is also larger now and the update will also add the option to skip the tutorials.

Yaga could be coming to Steam but no date has been announced yet.