Xiaomi Redmi Pro Doesn’t Mind Sharing With Xperia XA and LG G5

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We have just seen the arrival of the Xiaomi Redmi Pro and there hasn’t been any surprise about it being a budget friendly handset from a Chinese OEM that comes with some superb specs but has the MediaTek Helio X25 chipset, which may not be to the like of some people.

However if you have $255 to spend then you do get a device that comes with a battery of 4, 050mAh and as it comes with 8GB of RAM you are going to need this. There is also a USB Type C charging port, an OLED display and the Xiaomi Redmi Pro also comes with support for dual SIM.

The Redmi Pro is the same quality as the likes of the LG G5 and Huawei P9 for the camera and it offers the Sony IMX258 sensor with the 13MP camera. This is about the same hardware that is seen on the Sony Xperia XA.

The Xiaomi Redmi Pro offers up a 5.5 inch display and you do have to bear in mind that the software does have a lot to do with the photos offered so they may not be as good as those offered on the more expensive handsets.

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