Xiaomi Redmi 3 Could End Up Another Handset That Depresses

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The Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro may end up being just another handset that is depressing. This depends on whether you happen to live in the US or not. Over in the US the device isn’t offering up support for LTE it seems.

With the Xiaomi Redmi 3 you get a display of 5 inches at 720p resolution, while the battery is 4100mah. The device also supports dual SIM and the memory of the device may be expanded. There is a decent 3GB of RAM and storage includes 32GB, while there is also a fingerprint scanner. While this does sound pretty good, it is let down in the US as it does support LTE.

We did hear that LTE isn’t supported by the Xiaomi Redmi 3 in the US thanks to legal issues. If it was supported royalties would have to be paid and this means the handset may end up with a higher price tag.

The Xiaomi Redmi 3 does have support for HSPDA+ and if you don’t mind this speed then it is a device that offers good features and hardware and battery life is good.

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