Xiaomi Mi 7 Notch Not Just For Show, Coming After Apple

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There were a lot of jokes made at the expense of Apple when they first announced the Apple iPhone X with the notch in the front but more than a few Android devices will also be sporting the notch this year including the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 7 as well if the rumors are true.

According to the reports, Xiaomi not only plans to have the notch in the front but they are taking things one step further by working on a Face ID of their own. This came after some people notice that the notch in front of the Xiaomi Mi 7 display looks a little too big.

With that kind of size, it is possible that Xiaomi did fit in some large tech which many believe is their own version of the Face ID. There were also talks that one of the reasons why Xiaomi is taking so long with the release of the device is because they are having a hard time implementing the Face ID into Xiaomi Mi 7.

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