Xiaomi Mi 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6S For Most Popular

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The Xiaomi Mi 5 and the LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7 came out at the MWC and as it is the first modular smartphone the LG G5 has proven to be very popular. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is also popular but the Xiaomi Mi 5 is the one that comes out ahead.

The Xiaomi Mi 5 got 15 million registrations over in China and the registrations internationally are also on the increase. We have heard that the Mi 5 may be produced only as a limited run and this does happen to be something of a worry to people.

China has more than one billion people so producing a handset for everyone may be an issue if supplies are limited. If this should happen with the Xiaomi Mi 5 then third party buyers may get hold of the device and boost up the price tag when reselling.

If the Xiaomi Mi 5 is going to stay ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S7 along with the iPhone 6S then it cannot be a limited run.