Xiaomi Mi 5 vs iPhone 6S vs Samsung Galaxy S7 and Beats Both

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The LG G5 along with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Xiaomi Mi 5 arrived at the MWC and the G5 was one of the most popular due to the fact that it was the first modular device to come out. The Samsung Galaxy S7 arrived and it has been popular but the Xiaomi Mi 5 has beaten the all for being the most popular.

In China the Xiaomi Mi 5 took 15 million registrations, while those internationally have been on the increase. We are hoping that the device isn’t going to be offered with a limited run.

China has more than one billion people and so you would think that being able to produce enough handsets for everyone would be a difficult task. Sometimes in big markets the supply is limited and should this happen we may see third party suppliers purchasing devices and then selling them on with a price tag that is higher.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the Xiaomi Mi 5 doesn’t suffer from being a limited run.