Xiaomi Mi 5 Review: Something You Can’t Quite Put Your Finger On

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People have been waiting for the Xiaomi Mi 5 for a long time but what we want to know right now is whether the wait has been worthwhile.

The Xiaomi Mi 5 does have the looks of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and this is a metal design which is curved. The display is 5.1 inches, so you might want to bear this in mind if you like to hold the handset in one hand.

The display is covered up by Gorilla Glass and while it lacks SD card support, it does offer up a fingerprint scanner which works superbly and it is fast.

The back covers on the Xiaomi Mi 5 cannot be replaced but the good thing about it is the fact that it doesn’t attract fingerprints like a magnet. This is something that the Samsung Galaxy S7 does. It looks superb and it offers up thin bezels at the sides. The display is 1080p and the colour and contrast are both good, along with the viewing angles which are good and the low reflectivity.

The Xiaomi M5 has the Snapdragon 820 processor and it has dual cores along with 3GB of RAM and a large battery. The quality of sound is good as is the battery life.