Xiaomi Mi 5 Review: Can’t Quite Put Your Finger On It

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The wait for the Xiaomi Mi 5 has been a long one but has it been worth the wait?

The Xiaomi Mi 5 looks a lot like the Samsung handset and it has a metal design with some curves. It offers up a display of 5.1 inches, so this is not a handset that you can easily hold in one hand, unless your hands are large.

It is a light handset and it comes with Gorilla Glass on the display. There is no support for SD card, which is something of a let-down. It does come with a fingerprint scanner and this works great and it is fast.

The Xiaomi Mi 5 doesn’t have replaceable back covers and this is also a let-down. The back of the device doesn’t attract fingerprints as the Samsung Galaxy S7 does. It is a great looking device and the bezels are thin at the sides and the display is 1080p and superb. Contrast and colour is good, along with the viewing angles and low reflectivity.

The Xiaomi Mi 5 comes with the Snapdragon 820 processor along with dual cores and 3GB of RAM and a big battery. Sound is good quality and the battery life of the handset offers plenty of use.

So has the Xiaomi Mi 5 been worth the wait, what do you think?