Xiaomi Mi 5 Full HD Recording Has Jittery Feel

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Sure, it might seem like a pretty good, pocketable phone which comes with surprisingly clear pixels to record a HD video, but if you look closely and repetitively, you might think otherwise. The video we’re about to show you below would demonstrate what feels like the footage itself is pretty “jitter-ish”, but you be the judge.

But apparently, this Redditor, who goes by RP_Android, who captured the recording denied the jitteriness of it all by saying that his hand was shaking a lot throughout the video. Especially towards the end where we are seen that the bottle of water was being focused instead. So that explains the jittery feeling we’re getting from the video.

Well, jittery or not, we’ve got to come into agreement about how the phone is actually being incredibly light. It’s so light that you’d be surprised holding it for the first time because you’ll feel as though you’re really not holding anything. And another thing that could actually have you liking the phone is its laminated IPS LCD display (though recording it is another issue altogether), which surprisingly looks pretty incredible too.

Would you still want to get yourself a Mi 5? We’d like to hear what you have to say about this phone.

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