Xiaomi Mi 5 Beats Galaxy S7 & iPhone 6S In Popularity

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You know what came out as the most talked-about smartphone from the recent Mobile World Congress (MWC)? There’s the LG G5, Samsung Galaxy S7 and not forgetting the Xiaomi Mi 5. Sure, LG’s G5 is unsurprisingly popular because it’s the world’s first modular smartphone, and S7 is still as popular despite looking pretty much similar to S6, but Xiaomi really takes the cake here, single-handedly, in the form of a Mi 5.

The Mi 5 is so popular that it’s already received over 14 million registrations in China alone, and the figures for its international registrations are still unknown. But we’re pretty sure those figures would just increase instead. But there’s one thing that got people worried. The possibility that the Mi 5 could be produced on a limited run is there.

It’s going to give you bonkers thinking how a country of over a billion people couldn’t possibly produce “enough” phones for the people; their demand. But it’s true; there’s that tendency for a huge market to appear with very limited supply. And when this happens, some believed that this leads to third parties buying and reselling the devices for a mark-up. So if Xiaomi abandons this issue, there’s a chance that they would ship in hundred of millions.

So, it’s probably safe to say, if Xiaomi wants its Mi 5 to stay popular ahead of the Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6S, it better not be going through some “limited run”. It would be quite a bummer if that were to happen.

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