XCOM: Chimera Squad Not A Sequel Or Expansion

With Firaxis now announcing the new XCOM: Chimera Squad game which will be set after the events in XCOM 2, it was natural that people would assume that this is a sequel or an expansion game but according to the developer, that is far from the case as the game is actually an entry point for new players.

The developer said that their pricing was a reflection of that as they wanted to attract fans to give the game a go by lowering the barrier and making it easier for the new players while also entertaining the older players.

One major change that this game will have is that players will have a set squad. As announced, the new XCOM game will be arriving on the 24th of April and will be released on PC for $10 USD at launch but will go back to $20 after the 1st of May. There are no plans to released the game on consoles right now.