XCOM: Chimera Squad Changing What Death Means

The new XCOM: Chimera Squad will be arriving on PC next week and while it will be sharing part of its name with XCOM 2, many of the mechanics will be slightly different on the new game.

The developer released an extensive gameplay trailer for Chimera Squad revealing some additional detail about the game including the multi-faceted mission with shifting objectives and also phases that starts with new Breach Mode.

Different sections in the game can also be accessed by certain races and how players decided to start the mission could set the tone on how the game players and how the fights will take place later on. Fights also happen in real-time.

The new game will also not have permadeath. When a player goes down, the enter bleeding out state that other players will have to stabilize in the next few turns. Failing to do so will mean your teammate will die and the mission will need to be restart.

Chimera Squad will be arriving on the 24th of April on PC.