Xbox Scorpio Looks At Xbox One S For Pricing

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Gamers are waiting to hear news about the Xbox Scorpio and there is some news for them on the price point of the new console.

Once again it is going to be a competition between Sony and Microsoft. The PlayStation 4 Pro is set to come from Sony on 10 November and the price tag is $299. Microsoft answer to it is the Xbox Scorpio and this is said to be a step up from the PS4 Pro when it comes to power. Now the head of Xbox has spoken up about the price.

If the Xbox Scorpio is going to be as powerful or more powerful than the PS4 Pro then we could expect the price tag to be around $399 the same as the PS4 Pro.

Phil Spencer said that it is going to feel like a premium console and he went on to say that he didn’t want people to worry that the console price tag wouldn’t be unlike any console price that people have seen before.

He went on to say that the price tag of the Xbox Scorpio wouldn’t be as expensive as some people thought it might be. However he did say that the starting price for the Xbox One S and different sized hard drives was a critical part of the of the product and when you think about the console as a product line, the pricing should be in line with that.

But how much do you think the Xbox Scorpio is going to cost?

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