Xbox One: Will Scorpio Deliver Killer Blow?

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Those with the Xbox One are worried that when the Xbox One: Scorpio comes out Microsoft would give up on the One console. However, it seems that this was nothing but speculation and owners really don’t have anything to worry about at all.

Phil Spencer of Microsoft has been putting the minds of people at rest as he said that the company is going to carry on supporting the Xbox One along with the One S for a lot of years.

The information came after a gamer sent Spencer a Tweet asking if the Xbox One: Scorpio was going to deliver the killing blow to the Xbox One console.

Many gamers have been worried and it’s not difficult to see why. The same thing may be about to happen to the Wii U with the Nintendo Switch and it would make a lot of sense if Microsoft gave up on the older Xbox console in order to concentrate on the newer.

This looks like it’s not going to be the case, if you can take the word of Spencer. Will you be paying out for the Xbox One: Scorpio when it is launched?

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