Xbox One Will Close Gap Between PC Players

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One of the biggest difference between playing games on the PC and on a console like the Xbox One is the performance as well as the controls.

Aside from the graphic and perforamnce difference, a lot of pc players are saying that they can’t get used to playing games using a controller and that has been one of the biggest reason why some PC players avoid consoles like the Xbox One but that might change soon as Microsoft reveals their new plan for the Xbox One.

According to Microsoft, there might be a possibility that the Xbox One games might be compatibility with a mouse and keyboard in the near future. During a panel at PAX West this week, Xbox One said that the support will be coming soon but they did not reveal how soon.

They added that while the support will be coming, the developer will be the one deciding if they want to use it at the end of the day. While controller has improved a lot over the years, nothings beat the mouse when it comes to shooting games.

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