Xbox 720 Won’t Have Time Advantage Over PS4 This Round?

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The move up to the Sony PS4 and the Xbox 720 is taking too long, so says Ubisoft CEO Michael Pachter. He’s been talking recently, hinting at the PS4 release date and saying how he doesn’t want Sony trailing Microsoft by a year again.

Xbox 720 & PS4 may release around same time

The Xbox 360 came out in 2005, a year before the PS3, and Sony conceded that this was a mistake, and promised to sharpen up with the release of the PS4.

This means then, that both consoles will come out at the same time, so both companies will be selling hard at the same time. So, no stealing a march on Sony this time round!

He also said that Sony was already developing PS4 games and that the console would be out in a timely fashion. This means the run up to Christmas next year.

The PS4 coming out will make the price of the PS3 drop, even though the older console will still be very present and visible. So, how will Microsoft and the Xbox 720 do if they don’t get in there first, as usual?

Gamers will be able to choose their consoles on features and specs, rather than having to go with what’s actually available at the time. Obviously there’ll be some who go for an inline upgrade despite the potential wait, and regardless of specs. We’ll be watching the sales figures very closely in the first few weeks after the releases.

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