Xbox 720: No Breathing Room From Sony This Time Around?

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The transition of the Xbox 720 and the Sony PS4 have been too long in the coming. This was what the CEO of Ubisoft recently said. Michael Pachter has been talking again and he now “gave” a release date for the Sony console, saying that the company did not want to be a year behind Microsoft as they were with the current generation of consoles.

Xbox 720 & PS4 may release around same time

The Xbox 360 was revealed in 2005 and this was one year in front of Sony who brought out the PS3 in 2006. Sony admitted that this wasn’t the best move they had ever made in business and when the PS4 arrives, it will not be something that will happen again.

So what this actually means is that both next gen consoles will be coming out at the same time and this also means that Sony and Microsoft will be pitching their consoles together with no time advantage for the Xbox 720.

Michael Pachter said that Sony would not launch behind Microsoft this time and went on to say that developers were working on games for the PS4 now and had been for more than one year. He said that the console would be making an appearance on the run up to the holiday season next year.

He said that the PS4 would come out some time in October or November 2013 and price cuts would be made on the PS3, however he did say that it wouldn’t be left behind. So what might this mean for Microsoft and the Xbox 720, if they don’t have a year in front?

It will mean the gamers will choose their console based on the specs and the hardware instead of timing. On the other hand there are many that will just upgrade from their existing console inline and so PS3 fans will go for the PS4 and fans of the Xbox 360 will choose the 720. One thing is for sure and that is that we will be keeping a close eye on the sales during the first week to see what happens, should the consoles launch in the same time period.

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