Xbox 720 vs PS4: It’s All About The FPS!

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Gamers are keeping their fingers crossed that the move into next generation Xbox 720 and PS4 will bring them superb graphics quality that so far hasn’t been seen on gaming consoles but which is offered to PC users with optimal settings.

Xbox 720 vs PS4: 60fps may still be out of reach

Console players have yet to get close to the 60 FPS and some are saying that they won’t get better than this when the next gen consoles are released; it seems that low FPS may still be an issue.

Many gamers will be choosing between the Sony PS4 and the next gen Xbox 720 console and one of the requirements they want is the 60 FPS reports Product-Reviews. Developers need to step up if they are to meet this; however it is something that so far we haven’t seen on the PS3 or the Xbox 360. Most games released offer a mere 30 FPS.

The co-founder of id-Software, John Carmack, who helped to bring us Quake and Doom, was recently talking on Twitter about the next gen consoles. He replied to a gamer who asked what he thought about 60 FPS on next generation games. It seems that he could have some knowledge from the inside and he guaranteed that we would see the next generation titles still having 30 FPS, and not 60 FPS.

So is this acceptable? This is what you have to ask yourself before splashing out cash on one of the latest next gen consoles. Time after time we hear about games failing thanks to poor frame rates. Would Sony and Microsoft want to risk this happening when they release their next generation of consoles which gamers will have to live with for another half-decade (or more)?

Are you happy with 30 FPS, providing games look nice, or would you rather have gameplay with higher frame rates, which were smoother?

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