Xbox 720: New Details Revealed [PICS]

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If you are waiting to hear more about the upcoming Xbox 720 then this is your lucky day as it has been some time since we heard any rumours about the next-gen gaming console.

Microsoft Xbox 720 rumors

Microsoft has done their best to cover up the massive leak about the Xbox 720 that we saw earlier this year. This was the infamous Fortaleza leaked document which gave us the main specs of the upcoming Xbox. This included the addition of augmented reality, including glasses and Blu-Ray disc support along with Kinect 2.

You cannot find a single trace of the document right now. However Xbox World has recently written a feature all about the upcoming console and they have revealed some of the specs, along with details and a 3D mock up that shows us what the console could look like (pictured below).

Apparently the console will go by the name of the Xbox and not the 720. The console will signify a new brand which leaves behind the numerical attachment.

While we have heard some of the specs, there is some new information, it seems that the console could have a quad core processor and it could also have 8GB of RAM. This would mean it would be capable of better multi-tasking. Following the Xbox 720 issue, Xbox World will be no more.

Check out the rendering of the new Xbox 720 and see what you think about the design. There are also rumours going around that the console will have a sync button which would allow you to sync all controllers without the need to hold down a button. This may be a simple but elegant feature that fans have waiting some time for.

Xbox 720 render

Xbox 720 render

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