Xbox 720 Release Schedule Hits Limelight

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It seems that Microsoft will be bringing out the new Xbox 720 at the back end of next 2013. Product-Reviews says that it seems that now all we are waiting for is for Microsoft to tell us where the actual launch of the console will take place, could it be E3 or at another event in 2013?

Xbox 720 release window tipped

Many fans managed to see the Xbox 720 Fortaleza leak before Microsoft managed to get it taken down. Due to this they cannot keep the new console under wraps much longer. There are rumours going around that the console will feature augmented reality and now Bloomberg along with other publications are jumping on the bandwagon in the search for the actual release date.

They say that the Xbox 720 will be coming out in 2013 and this should be around the Thanksgiving period. It is thought that the console will be on sale in late November.

New hardware typically comes out at E3, however more recently companies have chosen to hold events separately. This was seen during Apple’s WWDC trade show where they chose to save hardware release for later in the year only.

So will Microsoft choose to do the same with their Xbox 720? If so then we could expect to see it in the fall of 2013 and then it should be for sale around November.

On the other hand if they don’t decide to launch the Xbox 720 at E3 this could mean that Sony will have an open stage to themselves to reveal the PS4.

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