Xbox 720 Product Update: Countdown Activated?

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2013 will be when the next gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony are revealed; at least it seems to be a foregone conclusion now. News about the PS4 is almost non-existent; however the Xbox 720 remains in the spotlight. There are now rumours going around that the production is finalised and so Microsoft cannot skip release of the console this year.

Xbox 720 release date to fall inside of this year

Specs of the Xbox 720 are unknown at the moment, however there has been a rumour going around that the processor will be called Oban. Semi Accurate have said that the design has been sent to the manufacturers and it has progressed to the next step of hardware necessities.

This may not be exciting news for average fans of the console, as everyone is waiting to hear about the features of the Xbox 720, however the features need to be superb if Microsoft want to draw attention away from Sony and the Nintendo Wii U.

The actual release date is said to be at the end of 2013, and the biggest question on everyone’s lips is when the console will be previewed. E3 has always been a popular place for unveilings on new tech, however Microsoft may want to hold a special event for the console.

Major Nelson from Microsoft has chosen to go live with a very early countdown to E3 this year and this has brought about speculation that there could be something very exciting coming out at the event. Could this be the next gen Xbox? E3 doesn’t begin until June of course, so everyone is wondering why Microsoft have already started a countdown. A countdown is generally an indication that something special will happen, so it looks likely that the Xbox 720 could be it.

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