Did An Xbox 720 Countdown Just Get The Green Light?

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Everyone believes that 2013 is the year when Sony and Microsoft will reveal their next gen consoles. At the moment we haven’t heard much about the PS4, however rumours about the Xbox 720 keep coming up. A new rumour is that production of the console has been finalised and Microsoft will not be able to skip the release this year, with the console being scheduled for end of this year.

Xbox 720 release date: no turning back now

Specs for the Xbox 720 are not known at the moment; however rumour has it that the processor may have the name of Oban. Semi Accurate has said that the devices design has been sent to manufacturers and the next step being internal hardware.

This doesn’t sound very exciting, as the world is waiting to get a glimpse into the next gen features of Microsoft and they should be something special if the console is to be superior to the one that Sony will be releasing around the same time, and the Nintendo Wii U, which will gain maturity as the year passes.

It is thought that the Xbox 720 will be released towards the end of 2013, and now everyone is waiting to hear just when Microsoft will reveal the Xbox first. E3 is the obvious choice, however rumours have been going around that the console will be revealed at a separate event.

Major Nelson of Microsoft has chosen an interesting time to go live with the early countdown to the 2013 E3 and this has raised speculation that there will be something very special announced by the company. So it might be the Xbox 720. E3 starts in June and so there is some time to wait yet, so one has to wonder why Microsoft is offering a countdown for the event already? A countdown generally implies that something special is on its way. With the news about the production update, it looks as though we are getting ever closer to seeing the reveal of the Xbox 720.

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