ID Software’s DOOM 4 Headed To Xbox 720 & PS4?

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ID Software along with Bethesda have been keeping quiet about DOOM 4 which may be the game that is currently under development for the next generation platform.

DOOM 4 headed to Xbox 720 & PS4?

This is one scenario that has crossed the minds of people as lead programmer of software Brian Harris, Tweeted that when he goes back to the studio he will port the big project to the new consoles.

However at the moment the Twitter account of Harris has been deleted and so at the moment we only have second hand accounts to go on, from other sources. Harris didn’t mention the name DOOM 4, but he did say that work has just finished on the DOOM 3 BFG Edition. Therefore it doesn’t take much to guess that work on DOOM 4 has started.

He could have been talking about RAGE of course and new consoles could mean the Wii U. however this may not be plausible as Bethesda have always had reluctance when it comes to developing for Nintendo.

What we do know for sure is that the DOOM 4 screenshots from last year were faked. ID Software will not want to kill of the DOOM games and as we are reaching the end of the generation of consoles at the moment, chances are that DOOM 4 will come out on the PS4 and Xbox 720.

So what do you think? Will DOOM 4 come out on the current version of the consoles, or the next or maybe even the Wii U?

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