[PICS] Xbox Logo Redesigned For Xbox 720 In Windows Metro Style… Too Bad It’s A Concept

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As we all know the next Xbox which is also commonly known as Xbox 720 is to be unveiled in a few months and soon after to be released in the market, nothing later than end of 2013. The question here is will the console be given a completely new logo or will Microsoft just stick to the current one when launching it?

Xbox Logo Redesigned For Xbox 720 (Concept)

Changing the name is one thing but what if the company also decides to change the Xbox logo for a completely new branding? Below is an image made just to give readers an idea of what the change could be.

Seen here is a modern theme designed by Cory Schmitz where he replaces the Xbox written text by just an ‘X’ and a box design. To some the logo will look strange but to others it may look modern and slick.

Above is just a concept design but its enough to give the gamers an idea if Microsoft ever decides to change the Xbox logo. Whatever it is, lets wait for the unveiling of the Xbox 720 and together with it if there may be any surprises.

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