Xbox 720 Code Going Live For Blocking Used Games Thanks To A Few Bad Eggs?

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It is looking very much like the PS4 console will be revealed on 20th February at the Sony press event. At the moment there hasn’t been any news about the Microsoft Xbox 720 being released. However it is thought that it will be coming out before the year is over. There has been a report about the Xbox 720 this week and fans may not like what they have heard, as it has been said that owners may not be able to play second hand games on the console.

There has been rumours going around about the consoles not supporting used games and it seems that Microsoft may have actually put this into motion on their upcoming console. Sources say that they have seen the console and they say that it will need an always on internet connection and any disc you put in the console will have to be activated through Xbox Live before it will work.

This may mean that when you buy a single player game on the upcoming console, you would have to be connected to the internet in order to be able to play it. This is not thought to be something that fans of the Xbox 720 will like, if it turns out to be true. If Microsoft take used games out they will be able to place a larger emphasis on games digitally through Xbox Live, while those wanting to get their hands on a disc will be able to do so with a Blu-ray disc which will have the 50GB format.

If the two companies go ahead with the plans they will have made a very bold move, but who can blame them? A lot of people who own the Xbox 360 have had their console chipped and they download games without paying for them on torrent sites. This is an easy process and therefore it was only going to be a matter of time before Microsoft did something about it.

It has been said that the discs for the Xbox 720 will come with a code that can be activated only through Xbox Live. So what do you think about this and would it stop you from purchasing the console at the end of the year?

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