Xbox 720 To Include Skype Integration, What That Means

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The Xbox 720 is expected to launch sometime this year. While its features are still up for speculation, more details are coming to light with each passing day.

Skype integration coming to Xbox 720?

The latest comes by way of Product-Review who suggest that Microsoft is going to integrate Skype in a big way. What do we mean by that? Basically Skype will become the universal communication client across all their platforms i.e. Windows PC, tablets and of course the Xbox 720. What this could basically mean is the end of other applications like Xbox Live voice chat and MSN messenger.

Given that Microsoft now owns Skype, one of the best VoIP solutions out there, there is no reason they shouldn’t take full advantage of it with their current product range. As PR concludes, this cross chat feature could end up being one main advantage that Microsoft would have over their rivals Sony and Nintendo if the company does it right.

On a side note, there are also speculations that the Xbox 720 will come with Blu-Ray support. However it will only be for games, not movie playback. Why? We can’t figure.

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