Xbox 720 & New IllumiRoom Capabilities

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Microsoft are not thought to be having a large CES presence this year after Steve Ballmer said that he would not attend to give his keynote speech, as he has done in the past.

Xbox 720 & IllumiRoom feature

However things turned around when Microsoft surprised everyone when they showed off a concept video, based around Xbox IllumiRoom. This is new tech which allows gamers to play Xbox games in the future with a strobe lighting system that is very innovative. It expands boundaries of the TV set.

On first looks the tech does look amazing. CES audience members were also happy about the big announcement in gaming after Sony failed to deliver anything. After looking at the concept it seems that the future of gaming, thanks to IllumiRoom tech, will be great when it is here on the next gen Xbox 720 console.

Microsoft said that IllumiRoom will be used with the Kinect tech and will create a new type of gaming experience as it projects visualisations across any area of the room where you are playing. This extends the field of play along with motion affects. Check out the video to get an idea of how the tech works. Microsoft have said that what you seen in the video is the real deal, there was no editing.

It seems that developers could be able to create different features with IllumiRoom, which would be dependent on the type of game being played. Of course more development time is needed, however depending on how long it takes to get things right, it could be fantastic.

For now the idea is just a concept, but if it comes to life there is no doubt that it would be something very special. This could actually go on to become one of the features that define the Xbox 720. If this happened Sony and Nintendo would have to go back to the drawing board if they wanted to bring something similar out. However Microsoft will have patents on the tech and this may stop other competitors from copying it.

Many people say that this is nothing but a gimmick; however you do have to admit that it does look great. Can you imagine what it would look like if you were playing a horror title on the Xbox 720 and having all sorts of visualisations in the background? Check out the concept video and let us know what you think. Are Microsoft onto something massive with this?

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