Xbox 720 Will Support Handicapped Blu-Ray Only?

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The next generation consoles are getting ever closer and at the moment very little is known about the features of the Xbox 720 and PS4, other than what is been spread around thanks to rumours.

Xbox 720 & Blu-Ray support

One of these rumours is related to the Xbox 720 having Blu-Ray support. According to TheNextBox the Xbox 720 may support Blu-Ray, but this would be only for games, meaning that Microsoft may block movie playback.

So why would it have limited capability? Microsoft is well known for putting business in front of their consumers and this would be a great move for business. If playback of movies is stopped then users of the Xbox 720 would have to purchase streaming content.

With Blu-Ray support for games, there wouldn’t be worries about storage, which the Xbox 360 has problems with right now. Nevertheless handicapping Blu-Ray support would be a bold move by Microsoft. However if the console could play Blu-Ray games then surely it would only be a matter of time before hackers could find how to make the console not treat Blu-Ray movies differently.

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