Xbox 720: Yes To Blu-Ray Games, No To Movie Playback?

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The Xbox 720 and Sony PS4 are so close right now we can taste it. However what still remains unknown are its features which continue to fill up the rumor mill.

Xbox 720 may have limited Blu-Ray support

The latest is in regards to Blu-Ray support. According to the folks over at TheNextBox, the Xbox 720 could come with Blu-Ray support for games only. What this means is that Microsoft will effectively block out any movie playback.

But why limit its capability? We’ve seen Microsoft put its business ahead of consumers and as such this move would be good for business. By preventing movie playback, this will ensure that Xbox 720 users have to buy their streaming content.

At the same time, with Blu-Ray support we won’t have to worry about the storage advantages that the Xbox 360 is already encountering at this time. Now there is no doubt this is a bold move on Microsoft’s part to handicap Blu-Ray ray support, but we say bring it. I’m sure that if it supports Blu-Ray games that hackers can find a way to make sure the Xbox 720 doesn’t treat Blu-Ray movies differently.

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