Xbox 720 May Beat PS4 Out Of The Gates, Again

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We love the Xbox 360 just as much as the PS3 as you can tell by the numerous game reviews from each we’ve done to date. Now new consoles are set to arrive in 2013 and at the moment the Xbox 360 and PS3 are neck and neck in sales. However confidence in Sony being able to deliver the PS4 console next year to compete with Microsoft’s Xbox 720 is dropping according to Kotaku.

Xbox 720 vs Sony PS4

Of course all gamers want a new console, the Wii U is testament to this.

Microsoft’s Durango is said to be on the mark according to the Editor in Chief of Kotaku. Sony meanwhile are inspiring less confidence and this has been due to the on and off problems surrounding the PS3 and Vita.

Confidence is very high that we will see the new Xbox 720 by Christmas of next year, while it is unsure whether Sony will get the PS4 onto the shelves in time adds the blog.

In regards to the on and off issues with the PS3, this refers to the anchor that has weighed down the console from its launch. Development has been tough thanks to the cell processor and it having less RAM, 256MB, in comparison to the 512MB of the Xbox 360 .

Prior to the launch of the PS3, in 2006, Sony had said that it would be the most powerful one that they had ever created. Six years down the line and the console is still buggy and is said to look ugly compared to the Xbox 360.

Sony may have learnt a lesson in the past half-decade and they could apply this to the PS4. Their next console needs to have next level graphics and processing and it should have compatibility with PS3 games and Blu-Ray. The console should be small and it needs to be quiet and should have an online platform that is strong and have support for apps and of course it should be easy for the developers to make programs for.

Exclusivity of games will also play an important role, however as games happen to cost many millions of dollars to produce, multi-platforms will help them to recoup costs.

Microsoft does seem to be getting the Xbox 720 ready and the Xbox Lite. So Sony will not want to launch late or price their PS4 too high.  If they could launch in the spring of 2014 Sony would miss out on the Cyber Monday and Black Friday shopping period, both of which are large shopping days in the US. Giving sales to Microsoft and Nintendo could be a disaster for Sony if they launched late. The PS4 need to be perfect from the moment it comes out of the door, after the PS3 having made so many mistakes.


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