Xbox 360 Android App Now Officially Available In Play Store (Free)

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In surprising news, there is now an official Xbox Live app for Android, as released by Microsoft. Bloggers everywhere are naturally stunned given the rivalry between Microsoft and Google.

Xbox 360 Android app (free)

Nevertheless this means you will now be able to see your 3D Xbox avatar and modify it, along with tracking achievements, connecting with friends on Xbox Live, and getting Xbox Spotlight feeds sending information and updates directly to your phone. It really seems to tick every box.

The app itself feels very similar to Metro UI, as you would expect from Redmond, however the theme seems a little odd on Android devices. The functionality is stable and polished, and although it has nothing related to the actual playing of games except for being able to track your achievements, those who do use Xbox Live should enjoy using it for all the other features.

Since this has just come out, it is highly likely that Microsoft will fix glitches, making it compatible with more devices.At this time, there are reports that owners of tablets like the Motorola Xoom are unable to use the app as it was designed.

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