WWE 2K Battlegrounds: New Arcade Game Announced

2K Sports announced this week that they will not be releasing a new WWE 2K21 game but added that there will have more to announce soon. Well, we now know what the announcement is about now.

Called WWE 2K Battlegrounds, the new game is described as being the new WWE gaming experience. Developed by Saber Interactive will be an arcade-style game that will feature some of the popular WWE wrestlers including The Rock and Steve Austin and will have elaborate moves and character models.

The new game will be arriving this fall but we do not know what platform it will be offered for. Other details like the price is also still a mystery at this point so we will just have to wait and see.

2K Sports explained that the reason they are taking a break from the WWE game is because they wanted to give the team more time to work on the next game following the poorly receive WWE 2K20.