WWDC 2012 Kills Rumors, Apple Fans Left Hanging High & Dry

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The Worldwide Developer Conference 2012 brought us some fun new products, for example the new MacBook under the working title the “Pr-Air”, iOS 6, and the OS X Mountain Lion, however we have come out feeling a little underwhelmed. We were hoping for a few things, such as the iPhone 5, an Apple TV, and some updates for us Mac users.

WWDC 2012: No iPhone 5, Apple Panel, Apple TV, iPad mini,…

These things have all been hotly rumored about, and we were really excited to see the Apple product that we would be watching television on in the near future. We heard a report from BGR that according to a source, Apple were planning on launching an SDK for the Apple TV sometime this week, so that developers could start to build applications for it, but these rumors have not come to fruition as we so hoped.

Now according to LA Times, some reports even indicated that Apple’s whole Mac line would be updated, but aside from the MacBook Pro (which is actually quite impressive and sits at 15 inches) there was nothing.

The expectation for the iPhone 5 may have been a bit unreasonable compared to our other expectations, but we had heard so many rumors and had got our hopes up a little, but judging from past Apple experience, it is unlikely to reach us realistically until Q4. Despite this realism, our optimistic side is still hoping for an earlier release, as some of us have finished our contracts and are chomping at the bit to upgrade. Users are even tweeting as much, with “No iPhone 5” being a trending topic during the WWDC 2012 keynote, with tweets alternating between anger and frustration (@susaanl gets no hand-me-down: “No iPhone 5 announced which means my cousin wont give me his other iPhone”) and ridicule and incredulity (“No iPhone 5, but 3GS will get iOS6!” wrote @ThaaGeeInMe).

Some were even stating the phones they would go for instead of the iPhone 5 as they just can’t wait, whilst others stuck up for Apple, stating that from past experience the release won’t be until autumn.

We all knew it was unlikely, but we are a little sad, and are too late on the 4S bandwagon so just have to wait that extra couple of months and hope it won’t be any longer than that!

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