Would You Pay This Much For A Modded 2017 Honda Ridgeline?

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The grand total would be a whopping amount of $42,000.

Everybody in town has been talking about the 2017 Honda Ridgeline ever since it debuted at the Detroit show recently, and in spite of the fact that it looks boring, it’s still pretty much hogging the headlines. But now Honda comes to the game with the ultimate tailgate party platform.

Short story, for 2017 Honda presents a Ridgeline pickup with unparalleled interior comfort, highway road manors, exceptional active and passive safety features as well as the largest cab and widest truck bed in the midsize truck segment. And then there’s the personal connectivity and entertainment side of Ridgeline, something that we didn’t see coming.

Back to the insane tailgate option, here’s what you have to know. For 2017, Honda fans willing to write the check can opt for a bed-wall-integrated 600 watt stereo system. Need more power? Look to Ridgeline’s available 400 watt power inverter for 110 volt power tool, drink blending and game side flat screen television powering requirements. Combine this with Ridgelines ultimate ice chest, the hidden trunk, and let the ultimate tailgate party or camping trip begin.

So bottom line is, would you really pay to get that insane tailgate option?

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