Worst Possible Time For FCA To Hold Dodge Challenger And Chrysler Pacifica Party

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Over at the Fiat-Chrysler camp things are not looking so good and vehicles that are struggling at the moment include the Dodge Challenger and Chrysler Pacifica.

The Dodge Challenger of course is the iconic muscle car from the US but it has been less in favour than the Camaro and the Mustang among muscle cars. There is also the new Chrysler Pacifica and this has now been updated and it is the first minivan to offer up a hybrid powertrain.

Fiat-Chrysler is sweating about it as both of the vehicles haven’t made a big leap in sales. However instead of coming up with strategies for new sales, the FCA is launching 400 new dealerships within the USA.

Several reports have been confirmed and the information hasn’t come directly from the FCA but from an insider. Of course dealerships are not too happy about the decision as some of the future outlets will be close to their location.

If this is true then we would be curious to see what the outcome of it would be, we think that right now it looks as though it is going to be a suicidal move from Fiat-Chrysler. It does look as though they want to find out just how far they are able to go with making unpopular choices.

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  1. Aaron

    February 2, 2017 at 6:21 am

    Hilarious article. The Mustang and Camaro have always been volume cars, since the 60’s. The Challenger has never been there to outsell either of them. It’s buyers are rarely choosing between them, but rather buying the Challenger for what it is, and has always been, the best pony car/ muscle car made by Mopar. The buyers objective is to enjoy being one up on the competitors. Hellcat delivers that, and the upcoming Demon will provide even better bragging rights.