Worms Returning To Cause More Destruction

How many of you remember the good old days where you get to control a worm and blast your enemies with weird and hilarious weapons. Well, it looks like we will get to have another go at it soon as Team17 announce that they are working on a new Worms game that will be arriving in 2020.

So far, they have only announced that the game will be happening but have not revealed anything else. We don’t even know the name of the new game but from what we can see, we can expect the same violent action.

The announcement was made with a new trailer that showed the classic Worms game and ends with the Worm falling from the sky and smashing the TV. The video came with the caption New Worms, new ways to play” which seems to suggest that there might be some gameplay changes which is not really such a bad thing.

What fans want to know now is if the game will still be a 2D game or if the new version will be 3D. What do you think?